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Board Member Introduction; Sean Keef

Hello, my name is Sean Keefe. I am thoroughly excited to be serving on the

ITC board. I was awarded an ITC scholarship in 2022 and attended the annual

award dinner with my wife. After being welcomed with open arms and having a

wonderful time talking with everyone we met, I wanted to do more with the

Indianapolis Transportation Club.

About five years ago, I began my career transformation into logistics. I had

been a restaurant general manager for over 20 years and desired something with a slightly more regular schedule. I asked friends for advice and even talked to some professors, and all kept pointing me to the field of logistics. I am so glad that they did. So many of the multitasking and fast paced work habits that I

developed in restaurants have translated so well into my new field. When I began this logistics adventure, I had no idea how many exciting possibilities there were to be discovered.

I currently work for Mavpak in Whitestown, IN. which provides 3PL,

warehousing, and fulfillment services. I am a Key Account Manager and I oversee the operations of various customers that we service out of our Whitestown facility. We have three facilities locally. One has rail access, one is certified to handle food products, and one is a more traditional warehouse. We are a locally founded and grown company with the mission to provide top notch service while serving the Kingdom of God.

I am thrilled to be part of the ITC and to associate with such a friendly,

warm, and welcoming group of people.

Sean Keefe

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