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Letter From Ex-Officio; Barb Randall

As my time as an Officer and Board member of the ITC comes to an end, I would like to leave you with a few closing thoughts. It has been an honor and blessing to have been a part of the ITC and work with wonderful industry individuals and friends. The ITC opened many paths for me personally, and professionally, and offered the opportunity to stay involved and help make a difference. As I pass the gavel on to the next generation of the club, my wishes are that the club continues to grow and that the members that are coming in find the passion I did and keep the ITC alive for another 113 years. When I think about the ITC and where it was when I joined the Board in 2011 and where it is now, it is truly a ‘full circle’ story!! All along we have worked hard to raise money and provide Scholarships to students studying in the industry we are all connected to, Transportation. We award Scholarships to students with hopes that they come around and join the ITC, and eventually join the board and continue the mission, to make a difference and help our next generation of our industry. That exact thing happened, we now have 2 of our past Scholarship recipients on the ITC Board!

I would like to personally say “Thank you” to all the supporting cast during my time as an Officer of the ITC, as it is truly a team effort. There are and have been so many people behind the scenes that make the club work to name them individually, so “Thank you” for putting up with me all these years, to all of you. I would like to give one last shout out to our past Secretary/Treasurer, Mrs. Jan Peel. Jan truly thought of the ITC as an extension of her family and did a lot of work to make sure everyone was following the rules and she always greeted members and guests with a friendly smile and a little “Trouble”. She passed on her passion for the ITC to me, and she will be greatly missed. When you hear her name or a story about her, think of her fondly.

My advice to the next generation, take pride in putting in the effort to make a difference and stay involved and invest in the future of Transportation.

Wishing you a Happy Holidays, and successful 2024!!

Very respectfully,

Barb Randall

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