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Board Member Introduction; Meet Dan Zorger

Allow me to introduce myself with the kind of excitement that comes from nearly two decades of diving into the fascinating world of transportation. I'm Dan Zorger, someone who's worn many hats in this industry, from managing drivers and terminals to leading sales and marketing efforts as a VP, and now proudly serving as a General Manager for a local trucking company. This journey isn't just a career for me; it feels like family tradition. My grandfather drove trucks for GE, my dad worked as a division engineer of track for the railroad, and my brother and nephew continue the legacy working in transportation. Being a part of the Indianapolis Transportation Club is like finding a perfect fit between my personal history and my professional passion.

This club's energy, its focus on learning, growth, and building relationships, resonates deeply with me. Connecting with fellow members, sharing stories, and staying updated on industry trends reaffirm that I'm part of something special. This club encapsulates the very heart of the transportation realm—a world that's more than just a job; it's a way of life for me and many like me. The ITC has broaden my perspective, the networking events help me build relationships, and the sense of community reminds me that I'm on this exciting journey with others. As a board member, I'm excited to bring my experiences, knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm to contribute to the growth of our community.

For The Indianapolis Transportation Club, it has been humbling to be involved in the scholarship process selecting the top candidates. Better yet, is giving a scholarship to a student and hearing them speak at our annual dinner about what the scholarship means to them and where they are heading for their careers.

Warm regards,

Dan Zorger

Board Member, Indianapolis Transportation Club

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