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Letter From The President

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Fellow ITC Members, and hopefully future ITC Members,

It is my great pleasure, and honor, to serve as the Club’s President for this 2023-2024 year. Our Club has been in existence since 1907. In those 116 years, the club has remained a staple for all things transportation and logistics within the city of Indianapolis, and expanding throughout our state.

One of the points I always mention when someone asks about the ITC, is how diverse our Club is. We have Insurance Professionals, Trailer Rental and Leasing Professionals, Trucking Company Owners, Staffing Agencies, Legal Counsel, Truck Sale Professionals, and so on. With that, comes friendships. I began my career in the Transportation Industry in 2017, fresh out of College from Indiana State University, where I studied Insurance and Risk Management. I immediately got started with Marvin Johnson and Associates, and one of the first associations I became involved in, was the ITC. Some of the individuals whom I have know the longest, in the Transportation and Supply Chain.

The second point I make, and a very important point, is the Club’s purpose. Our Mission Statement is as follows; The mission of the Club is to promote closer relationships through networking, building mutual understanding among its members and to stimulate education in transportation, warehousing, logistics, and supply chain management. As fun, and beneficial networking can be, it also creates an opportunity for our Club to serve another purpose- Scholarships. Our Club removed dues last year, which took away some of the revenue we counted on to award those scholarships. However, the entire Board felt confident that our Club Sponsors and members would be energized to continue to help the Scholarship Fund, without dues. And that was just the case last year. We awarded $6,000 to 6 different Indiana students spread out throughout some of our state’s great Universities. I need to GREATLY thank three individuals last year that graciously donated to the Scholarship Fund; Tradition Transportation Group President Tim Evans, Venture Logistics President Greg Eddy, and ITC’s Past President- TF Logistics President Jeff Mills.

I want to end with a couple requests. The first, is to become engaged with the Club. We plan on having more events this year than in years past, and the sole focus of this is to generate revenue for our Scholarship Fund. This year, we will be awarding $7,000 to scholarship recipients. Our goal for 2024, is $10,000. This won’t be easy, but just like when we removed Club dues last year, we feel confident that we can achieve this together. Please visit our website, join our Email Newsletter, and watch out for posts for our events this year. We will have a Fowling Event in March, Euchre in April, our always fun Track Day in May, our Golf Outing June 20th, our Annual Dinner, and more possible events.

I look forward to a great 2023, and can’t wait to see everyone at the Annual Dinner next December with $10,000 in scholarships handed out!

Matt Van Scyoc

2023 ITC President

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