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Scholarship Highlight - Kendra Wertz

Winning the ITC scholarship has been a pivotal moment in my academic journey. Not only has it provided invaluable financial support, but it has also served as a significant affirmation of my dedication to my chosen field. As someone passionate about Operations and Supply Chain, this scholarship has enabled me to pursue my studies with greater focus and determination.

My career track has been shaped by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to making a positive impact in my community. From interning as a commodity buyer at Toyota Material Handling to being an active member of the Association of Supply Chain Management, I've continuously sought opportunities to grow and contribute to my field. Currently, I am balancing a full-time position as a material planner at Thyssenkrupp while finishing my education. The ITC scholarship is a testament to my belief in my potential, and I am grateful for the doors it has opened for me.

Kendra Wentz, 2023 Scholarship Winner

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